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Chateau Ridge Salon & Spa - Salon Services

Salon Services


All hair services include blow dry and style. 

You can add a manicure and/or pedicure to any hair service and receive a discounted package rate. If you are interested, please contact for pricing. 

Treatments & Styles

Steam Conditioning: $30

Up-Do: $60 +

Wash & Style: $35 +

Regular Straightening: $60

Natural Straightening (AMR Violet): $175

Regular Perm:$ 275+

Spiral Perm: $300+

Ladies: $45 - $65

Mens: $25 - $35 

Girls (up to 12): $35+

Boys (up to 12): $25+

Short: $125 + 35

Long: $150 + 45

Root touch-up: $125

Includes trim, colour, blow dry & style.

Half: $100+

Full: $250+


Manicure: $65...Time Consuming... Drying Time. 

Pedicure: $45...Time Consuming... Drying Time

With hair colour package: $100

Manicure: $65

Pedicure: $45

With hair colour package: $100

Manicure: $65-$75+

Pedicure: $45-$55+

With hair colour package: $100-120

You can learn more about our sterilization protocols for manicures and pedicures here


Full Coverage: $70+

Light Coverage: $45+

Makeup: $80+

Hair: $85+

Bridal Party: We can put together a custom package deal for you. Prices depend on the number of people.

Free 1-Hour consultation

Lashes & Brows...coming in future

Ready to book your appointment?​ 

We look forward to seeing you!

Just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with available appointment slots! You can also give us a call at (778) 886-0181 to book an appointment now. 

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