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Medi-Spa Services

Laser Hair Removal

IPL Laser Hair Removal. The number of sessions required for full, lasting results is 7-10. Prices​ below are per session. Packages are available for multiple areas - pricing varies depending on the treatment area. Please contact us to inquire about package options. 

You can learn more about laser hair removal here.

Full Face:     $175

Chin:             $75

Upper Lip:  $65

Arms/Legs: $250...$450

Torso:           $350


Back:             $450

Bikini:          $100 


Brazilian:    $125- $150 .. Women Only.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation / Photo Rejuvenation / IPL 

This treatment works great for minimizing the appearance of rosacea, spider veins, melasma, pigmentation, and acne. Prior to any skin rejuvenation sessions, a consultation is required to assess your specific needs. 

You can learn more about skin rejuvenation here

Full Face: $350..Includes A Full Facial Service....Worth Over $250

Neck: $200.... Includes A Mask & Skin Care Service

Full Chest: $285..... Includes A Mask & Skin Care Service

Lower Arms: $300...Mask Included...& Skin Care Service

Add-on hands: $100.... Mask Included & Skin Care Service

Full Face, Neck & Hands: $525

Full Face & Neck: $475

Hands, Arms & Chest: $575


Dermaplaning is a treatment that uses an exfoliation blade to remove dead skin cells and hair from your face. This treatment is also often referred to as microplaning or blading. The result of this treatment is smooth skin that looks youthful and radiant.

You can learn more about dermaplaning here

This Service is within the Ultra Facial Service. This treatment should never be done alone and must be accompanied with Microdermabrassion. Together, will provide the full exfoliation required, leaving your skin extremely smooth and supple


Followed by L.E.D Medical Mask, with high end medical grade skin care line by Skin Ceuticals. 

This Full Service is a Healing and Rejuvenating Treatment for long term glowing and smoothing effects. This will allow your skin to better absorb your skin care products to maximum results.

Call to inquire for more details.


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